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Over several years my hair had thinned so much it was getting difficult to disguise and I knew I had to do something about it. I felt so self conscious.
I saw an advert for Hair Additions in Yellow Pages and phoned for an appointment in Dec 2005.

Julie Veazey really put me at ease, showing me samples of her products and answering all my questions.
We decided to go for a custom made hair-piece in natural European hair because of my unusual hair colour and smaller than average head.
This was made to exactly cover the area of hair loss in a colour and density to match my own hair.

My new hair is fantastic. I’m not aware of it at all and my confidence has soared.
Julie cut and styled it perfectly to blend into my own hair.

People I know thought I’d just had a restyle of my own hair and were amazed when I told them about my new Hair Piece.
I just can’t stop looking in the mirror!!

Chinnor Oxon


Julie Veazey rescued my life. At the age of 26 I suffered alopecia totalis and all my hair fell out. I contacted Julie and her enthusiasm and advice convinced me I could go on to lead a normal life. Twenty five years on and I am still a client of Julie’s. I have never used the NHS an early experience there was just dreadful.
I am a successful Company Director, have a fabulous family with three children and lead a happy very full life. I have not let my condition affect who I am or what I can achieve. My wigs from Natural European Hair are now ‘my hair’.
I see Julie regularly and feel she is a very true friend who has made so much possible for me.
I can never thank her enough.



To me, somebody working in a service such as that which Julie works must have a number of qualities, including caring, real interest in clients, offering advice, discretion and providing quality products. Unhesitatingly, I would say Julie has all this and more.
I suffered hair loss from my late teens in the 60s, tried numerous wigs, hair extensions, even a failed hair transplant in the early 80s. I only came to Julie in mid 80’s and the qualities referred to became rapidly apparent and very soon I had complete confidence and trust in her.
Always looking for a permanent solution, I went to another highly promoted provider for 7 years but in truth it really was not permanent, was hideously more expensive and in hindsight was probably not the right product for my degree of hair loss.
Julie welcomed me back in 2003: by then I had decided to remove my pieces in the near future (I was 57 then): it was through her (in fact one of her clients in much the same position as me) that I found a real solution which I am close to realising, but still with Julie at present!



I first started wearing a hair piece 10 years ago. Now I wear a ¾ wig and it has given my life a big boost. I even go swimming with it.
My supplier is Julie Veazey and I am totally happy with every aspect of her service.
My wigs are custom made in European hair, which looks completely natural and lasts many years. I am very grateful to Julie and trust her implicitly.



I was first diagnosed with alopecia in 1992.  It was a devastating blow and I visited two other wig specialists before a doctor recommended Julie.  To visit Julie in her home was much more comfortable than visiting a Hairdressing studio or a salon with a wigmaker sign above the door!  Julie was immediately sympathetic to my needs and was able to offer good advice.  I had an acrylic wig within a couple of days and as my hair had been falling out in clumps for a while my appearance improved immediately.  It gave me my confidence back.

I order acrylic wigs but Julie has fitted a real hair wig for me as well.  I find the acrylic wigs easier to take care of and I quite enjoy changing my style once in a while.

Julie’s down to earth attitude and sympathetic but professional advice is wonderful.  I enjoy my visits and looking at new styles and now I know I can just make a quick phone call and a new wig will be delivered in a few days. 

Julie provides an efficient, comprehensive and caring service.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.  In fact, I have done just that recently.  An acquaintance is undergoing chemotherapy and had a disappointing visit to another wig provider.  I recommended Julie and she was very pleased with the service she received.

Tricia Croot


I have known Julie and have been a client for many years perhaps as long as 15 years or more.  I have always been very satisfied with the personal service she offers and the care she takes in ensuring that I am happy with her work.  Julie has always been available and helpful with any problems and has helped me in this respect during my long association with her.  I hope that she will continue to offer her personal service to me for a long time.

John Baum   


I have known Julie Veazey for about 20 years, and in that time she has fitted me with the full range of wigs from curly acrylic to wavy washable real hair.  She has helped me choose the right styles and colours (and steered me away from the outrageous ones!), and has guided me through the NHS procedures which seem to change by the week.  I am very pleased with my current wig which custom made in European Hair and looks and feels very natural - and the only questions I have ever been asked about my hair is who is my hairdresser as it looks so good!
After 20 years of frequent visits, I would count Julie as a friend, and I hope she would say the same about me.  She has seen me through many crises over the years, and I am just grateful that she lives and works in my neighbourhood!

J R of Maidenhead


I first made contact with Julie regarding a custom made wig during 1998 and have been with her ever since with no regrets.

I would advise anyone who is considering a hair addition, but also feeling anxious to discuss it with Julie who is a friendly, helpful and understanding person.

P Carter


Julie is always helpful and understands my requirements. I have been a client of Julie’s for many years and my custom made Hair Addition makes a tremendous difference to my life.
I mix with younger friends and don’t feel out of place.



I have been wearing a hair piece for over 30 years the last 15 years with HAIR ADDITIONS.
They are custom made human hair are very comfortable and excellent value.
I cannot fault the customer service that I receive from Julie.
From past experience 100%



I have been a customer of Julie’s for more than five years. I like being able to see her in the privacy of her own home and I value her advice and knowledge. The range of products on offer is excellent.



I have used Julie Veazey since the inception of her business (and before) and have always found her approach knowledgeable, understanding and professional when discussing this area which can be delicate at times.

My piece is custom made and has evolved over the years with Julie’s help. The natural look of a quality hair-addition gives the wearer confidence when going about life generally.

Prior to using Julie I found the product quality from my previous supplier’s variable and reliability of the consultants left much to be desired.

I would recommend Julie highly to any potential clients.



Having been a client of Julie's on and off now for some fourteen years, I can highly recommend her to any of those who are finding the whole wig finding experience a traumatic and difficult one.

Having had hair loss on and off for that time I have visited a number of "hair specialists" but have found Julie's honest and no nonsense approach to be the best. Julie has access to most of the best wig manufacturers and will always try to find the most cost effective option for each individual.

I have continued to use Julie's services even when living as far as Cornwall. She always tries to accommodate for the liitle extras such as highlights, cuts to follow the trends of modern life and will never let you leave with something that doesn't complement or look as natural as possible.

I have received numerous compliments over the years for the wigs Julie has provided me and almost without exception people have not realised they are actually wigs.

I would not consider using anyone else for my wigs, colours or cuts and would not hesitate in recommending Julie to anyone else experiencing the terribly sad conditions causing hair loss.

Alison - Brighton





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